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About Us

Luxe Living is a luxury design studio that associates with the traditional handloom and handicraft designers of East India, primarily Bengal, empowering them to produce and market handcrafted materials of international quality with local authenticity. At Luxe Living, we associate with craftsmen and designers who have for generations been associated with their craft and do not believe in compromising on quality.

We believe in empowering them to develop intrinsic and innovative works of art and ensure they get an appropriate return on investment. We nurture the community to produce products that are specially designed to showcase the ethnic cultures yet fused in a manner to suit the modern mindsets and design setups of the modern.

This specialty fusion has been developed by the organization’s experience in interior architecture for over 2 decades. We provide a platform for the international audience to experience and purchase works of true ethnic community art and for the artisans to get global exposure leading to greater demand of their work and elevating their social stature.

Luxe Living associates with artisans who have from generations been a part of the cultural vibrancy of the region contributing irreplaceably to the quality of hand crafting in its products. We count them as key pillars in our team and our value system of preservation through modern expression. Connecting the cottage industry + modern design language + global luxury market audience we produce the distinction we strive to achieve at Luxe Living, setting us apart from all other brands working in this sector.

Bengal has been the seat of excellence for traditional art and culture from the time of the Mauryan Empire, over 3000 years ago. The state is an example of cultural fusion having a strong influence of Sino-Tibetan culture in the north, Santhali tribal culture in the west and the eclectic Bengali culture of the state capital Kolkata which is infused with colonial British influence.

Luxe Living has been actively working with the grass root level artisans in the far flung districts of Bengal .Each product line at our studio has a story to tell. Be it the Potochitro drawings on innocuous items of everyday use like umbrellas , lamps , boxes and clothing etc to Kantha embroidery of various descends on textile of every form , Batik hand painting on cloth and leather , Handmade paper products by the destitute youth of Kolkata to the Sitalpati mats of Cooch Behar and Midnapore ! We nurture the clusters to produce articles that are specifically designed in-house to showcase the community ethnic cultures yet presented in a manner to suit the modern mindsets and design setups of the 21st century. This amalgamation of craft, culture, style and form can be attributed to the organization’s experience in Interior Architecture for over 2 decades.